Download unlimited archive footage for a year and get the chance to produce the next OTT documentary or that project you planned but never had the time and money to finish

Use our extensive collection of historical videos, with over 18 thousand available and growing by 300 every month.​

You can purchase:

  • a single video for 79 euros
  • the All You Can Download subscription, with access to the same videos at less than a euro.​

The All You Can Download deal offers one year of:

  • hassle-free
  • unlimited 

access to high quality archive footage.​

Our licensing provides:

  • worldwide coverage
  • for all media
  • in perpetuity

allowing you to utilize the footage in as many projects as you desire.​

Feel secure in using my archive footage

I am Daniele Carrer, the founder of this archive.

Over the years, I’ve sold thousands of videos, both on microstock sites and personal projects.​

I established this archive more than a decade ago, and I have expanded it, engaging in conversations with dozens of:

  • archive researchers
  • film directors
  • TV producers

to comprehend the kind of historical footage they seek.

Unlike popular microstocks, where today you can even find archive footage created using amateur scanners, sometimes risky to be used because of copyright issues, I take immense pride of commitment to quality, thanks to:

  1. my professional equipment
  2. the restoration skills that my team and I have gained over the years.

More than that, I prioritize addressing copyright issues, ensuring your confidence in utilizing my footage.​

You don’t have to believe only me; you can visit this page to explore the notable TV and OTT productions that used this archive, and witness the exceptional quality achievable with my system.

Now let me ask you a question:

Don’t you want to start editing the project you had in your mind and have the chance to secure funds or sell it directly to an over-the-top media?​

An editor while working on his computer during the editing

Get unlimited downloads of over 18k archive videos:

  • Worldwide, all media, in perpetuity rights for all videos
  • Utilize every video in unlimited projects
  • Enjoy state-of-the-art scanning and software restoration quality
  • One-year subscription with no automatic renewal
and gain unlimited access for the launch price of 4.850 euros (regular price is 9.700 euros).

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the All You Can Download subscription work?

If you purchase a one-year All You Can Download subscription, you gain:

  • unlimited access to every video on this site
  • with no daily download limits.

You have the freedom to use all downloaded videos in any projects, even those created after the subscription expires.

After the purchase, you’ll be redirected to a private area where you can start downloading the footage. Instructions will be provided in an email that you’ll receive to allow you access to the area in the future.

Will the subscription renew automatically after a year?

No, the subscription will not renew automatically. We want to ensure that customers only pay for what they want and avoid any unwanted charges.

How often do you add new content?

We add an average of 300 videos per month, meaning that by the end of your subscription period, there will be at least 3600 new videos compared to the day you subscribed.

What’s the format, resolution, and codec of the videos I will download?

All videos are in:

  • .mov format
  • H.264 codec
  • Full HD resolution (1920×1080)
  • 25 frames per second (fps).

My company has a multi-millionaire budget for producing a major OTT documentary. Do I have to pay more for this All You Can Download offer?

No; whether you are producing the next 10-episode series produced by a former presidential (or Royal) couple or you are an independent producer, the license you get with the All You Can Download offer is:

  • full
  • unlimited

so the price is always the same. Regardless of your production’s scale or budget, you will receive the same comprehensive and unrestricted access to downloads under this offer.

Enjoy the flexibility without any additional charges!

Daniele Carrer