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Why should I have to register?

While you can view all the videos on the site without registering, registration enables you to freely download screeners, which are watermarked copies of every video in this collection.

How can I download the watermarked copy of the videos?

After registering and logging in to the site, you will find two buttons on the video page: “Add to Cart” and “Screener.” Clicking the “Screener” button allows you to download an mp4 copy of the video with a watermark, suitable for pre-editing your project.

If you decide to use the video in your final editing, you can purchase the clean, watermark-free version.

What’s the difference between the screeners I can download and the video I can purchase?

Apart from the watermark, the screeners are in mp4 format, while the videos you purchase are in mov format with the H.264 codec and a resolution of 1920×1080.

Can I publish a video created using your screeners?

You can only use screeners for editing purposes to select the footage for your video. However, you cannot publish a video created with screeners under any circumstances, even if your project has no budget.

I have a top YouTube channel, and whenever someone uses my footage with a watermark, the video gets blocked, and the account is banned.

After registering, will you spam me with offers, send birthday messages, or share my email address with others?

Absolutely not. We maintain a fixed pricing structure and do not send promotional emails. This project is designed for professionals who require high-quality videos without copyright issues, and we respect your privacy.

Why is it necessary to input my credit card information for registration?

This measure is essential to safeguard the site from bot attacks. Your credit card details are solely used for verifying that you are a human user. Rest assured, we do not access or store any information about your credit card.

Please note that there will be no charges incurred during the registration process or in the future if you decide not to make any video purchases. Your information is exclusively utilized for verification purposes.

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